Life Science

  • DE 102009035795 A1 [inm-328]

    Structured surfaces for implants

  • DE 10200802969 A1 [inm-319]

    Mixtures of precursors for producing ceramic layers by means of MOCVD

  • DE 102007053023 A1 [inm-314]

    Oxide compounds as a coating composition

  • DE 102007054691 A1 [inm-309]

    Use of nanopatterned surfaces and method for enriching or isolating cellular subpopulations

  • DE 102006013484 A1 [inm-121]

    Metal nanowires with an oxide sheath and production thereof method for same

  • DE 10219127 A1 [inm-83]

    Substrates having a biofilm-inhibiting coating

  • DE 10054248 A1 [inm-75]

    Object having a microbicide coating, method for the production thereof and use of the same

  • DE 19912502 A1 [inm-59]

    Nanoparticles, complexes with polynucleotides and their use

  • DE 19726282 A1 [inm-40]

    Nanoscale particles having iron oxide-containing core enveloped by at least two shells